Kasama City is about 63 miles away from the Tokyo metropolitan areas, and is near Mito City, thecapital of Ibaraki Prefecture. It covers an area of 93 square miles. The zone is about 12.5 milesfrom East to West and about 15.6 miles from North to South. The Northern part is adjacent toTochigi Prefecture, the Western part to Sakuragawa City, the Eastern part to Mito City and IbarakiTown and the Southern part to Ishioka City and Omitama City.
In the North-West, there lies a stretch of mountains called Yamizo, and in the South-West, standsMt. Atago . From North-West to South-East, there lies a flat stretch of highland, and in the centeris Hinuma River.
As for the climate, it is hot and humid in summer, and it is mostly sunny in winter, which iscommon to the areas on the Pacific.

The city of Kasama is a smaller regional city with a population of 31,000, located in Ibaraki Prefecture at the northern part of Japan's Kanto plain region. The city has a long history, and archaeological excavations have unconvered settlements in the area dating back to the Jomon period (ca.5000 B.C.E.-ca.250 B.C.E.). The town was long associated with Kasama Inari Jinja, but in the year 1205, Kasama Tokitomo constructed a castle on the nearby mountain of Sashirosan, leading to the development of Kasama as a feudal "castle town" as well. In the Tokugawa period (1600-1867), the Kasama domain was led at one time by the hereditary daimyo of the Asano family, one of whom gained fame in the story of the "Forty-Seven Ronin."
As a result of its long history, the streets of Kasama feature numerous historical sites, and its elegant, traditional outlines have garnered for it in title, "Little Kyoto of the Kanto."
Since the early modern period, city's development has centered particularly on its well-known kiln industry (Kasama-ware) and its Inada granite industry. At present, Kasama continues to be known for these industries as well as for being home to the Kasama Inari Shrine, making it a city of culture, arts, and tourism.

Location of the City of Kasama
80 minutes from Tokyo, on the JR Line Tokkyu (Limited Express train). About 80 minutes from Tokyo by car, on the Joban Expressway.
Kasama Inari Jinja
Shrine Offices of Kasama Inari Jinja
1 Kasama, Kasama-shi, Ibaraki-ken 309-1611 JAPAN
Phone :0296-73-0001
Fax   :0296-73-0002