Constructed : March 1981

Standing Exhibits : Medieval ceramics, incense burners, etc.

Auxiliary facilities : Warehouse, rest area

The Art Museum was established for the purpose of the collection, exhibition, and study of Japanese ceramics, thereby contributing to the deepened understanding of the ceramic arts, and in hopes of contributing to regional cultural life by promoting the kiln industries of Kasama. The museum displays a wide selection of Japanese ceramics, centering on Shigaraki ware (which influenced Kasama ware) and others of the "six medieval styles" (Tokoname, Seto, Echizen, Tanba, Bizen), together with examples of prehistoric Jomon and Yayoi pottery, sueki (unglazed ware) and Kasama ware.

In addition to its standing exhibition of medieval ceramics, the museum also collects, preserves, and supports research on works of local Japanese artists, including the Muromachi-period painter Sesson Shukei, together with utensils for incense and tea ceremony, and other of the traditional Japanese arts.

Art Museum Admission
Open hours : 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. (open 365 days/year)
Admission :

300 yen
200 yen
100 yen
(Group discounts available for parties of 30 or more persons).