Name of Enshrined Kami : Ukanomitama no Kami

The kami (deity) Ukanomitama no kami is known as the kami having control over foodstuffs and the root of life. As tutelary kami of agriculture, industry, business, fishing, sericulture, and other kinds of work dealing with production, he dispenses his divine virtues for good fortune in all areas of human life.

Major Virtues

Family safety
Business Prosperity
Growth and Maturation
Vital Creativity
Protection from Fire
Traffic Safety
Safety during Travel
Success in School Examinations
Prosperity of Rice Wine (sake) Breweries
Protection during Bad Luck Years

Applications for special prayers of supplication are accepted at the prayer office.

Fill out the application form as required, and submit it to the appication window.

After submitting your application, please stay in the Shrine Office Waiting Room until your name is called.

Be sure to be assembled in the waiting room ten minutes before the appointed time for your prayers.