Designated by Ibaraki Prefecture in 1967 as an important natural monument

Age : About 400 years

Diameter of tree above ground : 3.6meters

Length of blossom clusters : 70-80cm.

Total area : about 150 square meters

The shrine's two aged wisteria trees put out their blooms regularly around May 10 each year. The wisteria beside the Romon gate produces butterfly-shaped blooms of a light violet color, in tassels which sometimes reach 150 centimeters in length. The double-blossomed wisteria beside the Hall of Worship is an unusual seedless variety which produces deep purple flowers, thickly clustered like bunches of grapes.
First planted some four-hundred years ago, the two wisteria trees have been designated by Ibaraki Prefecture as protected natural monuments. Before the erection of the shrine's Hall of Worship, the two wisteria were located beside a pond ; in the Meiji period (1868-1912), localhaiku poets erected a memorial featuring a poem by the famous poet Basho, in memory of the beauty of the wisteria blooms reflected in the pond: